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Workforce email
What is Workforce email?
Workforce email is suitable for organizations with employees that do not normally work at a desk, including hospital nurses, field service staff, bank tellers, warehouse staff, and many other 'blue-collar' type employees. Onemailbox's Workforce email service provides organizations with an affordable and scaleable way to extend email to the entire workforce. Desk-less workers can now be integrated to the corporate email infrastructure with almost no investment. In addition, the service provides end-user mail box control and anytime, anywhere access to email.
Why do I need Workforce email?
According to a recent study published in May 2003, more than 50% of the workforce does not have email at work. In fact, millions of workers in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality suffer from lack of email. Due to the mobile nature of their jobs, these desk-less workers need the communication benefits of email to help them know what is going on back at the corporate offices and to be more effective & responsive. By providing them with appropriate communications tools, they can share their knowledge and ideas with the rest of their workers, receive schedules, pay stubs, and other important job related information.
What are the benefits of Workforce email?
With the use of Onemailbox's Workforce email service, employee productivity increases, as does overall organizational effectiveness. In fact, companies that roll-out workforce email see almost immediate savings in communications costs, not to mention increased employee productivity and satisfaction. 

The inherent speed of email and its ability to reduce paper, printing and distribution costs make it a must-have for every employee these days. For large companies, this can translate to tremendous costs communicating with their employees via printed newsletters and other non-electronic formats. With Workforce email, desk-less workers get fast, easy and secure access to email when and where they need it.

What are the features of Workforce email?
Unlike other email solutions, Onemailbox Workforce email is based on a SQL database which provides for lightening fast searches and immediate access to messages regardless of the size of the users mailbox. For administrators, the service is easy to manage and is configured through a secure web console from any device with internet access. In addition, the system integrates seamlessly with your current IT environment thereby maintaining your investment in those technologies.

Workforce email delivers everything an organization needs to extend its network communications to every desk-less employee. This solution includes simplified administration and management tools, encryption and authentication, scalable POP/IMAP message stores, web and wireless access, LDAP services, mail unification, and spam/virus filtering.

Load balancing, fault tolerance and failover functionality ensure system reliability, while advanced queuing techniques and online backups protect messages and data. Underlying the value of the system is Onemailbox's carrier-grade open, modular and scaleable architecture, which provides the flexibility to incorporate new technologies and meet growing demands without compromising existing investments.

Can Workforce email be customized to fit our corporate look & feel?
The short answer is a resounding yes! Workforce email is a multi-tiered application with a separate presentation layer and therefore can be easily 'skinned' (customized) to meet your specific 'look & feel' requirements. Our Professional Services team will work with you to ensure you have the features that your organization needs, including different integration points, as well as initial set up and configuration.

In addition, Workforce email is available in various localized versions including French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Where required, it can be easily localized in nearly any other language.

How can I get more information?
For further details on our enterprise-grade Workforce email solution or for a no-obligation demo, please contact our sales department at the following contact points:
email sales@onemailbox.com
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phone 1.416.989.7000